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Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Has Your Wedding Anniversary Become Ho Hum? Try these 8 Ways to Turn Up the Passion.
By Susie and Otto Collins

Another wedding anniversary approaches. Will it be flowers and candy-- as usual-- this year? Will it be a card and dinner at the same restaurant you always go to?

So many couples celebrate their wedding anniversary by doing the same "special" things.

Even though the day (and night) might be festive and even enjoyable, it can become ho hum.

Don't let another wedding anniversary come and go by doing the same old thing.

After all, this is the day that you and your spouse celebrated your commitment to one another by declaring your love to friends, family and the world!

We know, after a certain number of years together, an anniversary is just an anniversary. It's an excuse to eat out perhaps.

If your wedding anniversary has become a bit drab and dull, perhaps your marriage has as well?

Maybe you and your partner have settled into a comfortable and relatively pleasant life together.

Yes, you love one another...but what happened to the passion?

You can use your anniversary this year as a turning point in your relationship. Move away from the ho hum and re-ignite the spark.

Here are some ideas....

*Write a love letter.

Who needs a store bought card filled with goofy words you might never say? Put your feelings of appreciation and love down on paper.

It can be a regular sheet of notebook paper or a piece of card stock upon which you express your feelings artistically.

*Get a sitter and share a special candlelit dinner for two.
Sometimes there's nothing more romantic than adding candles and a special meal to your own dinner table and sitting down together for a
quiet meal for only two.

Create a child care trade arrangement with another family you trust and have the house all to yourselves for great food, a romantic mood and whatever comes next...

*Arrange a spa night in your home.
You could hire a masseuse to give you and your mate side-by-side massages. What a wonderful gift to you both!

Or, you could also set up a home-made spa night in your own home. It's affordable and sensual to give one another back massages and even share a bubble

*Declare 3 (or more) things you appreciate about one another.
This idea is completely free and guaranteed to open your hearts and bring you closer together. Take a few moments to tap into the loving and grateful feelings you have for you partner.

Next, share with him or her at least 3 things that you appreciate. Then, it's your turn to listen to what your mate appreciates about you.

*Splurge for a decadent treat.
We know, budgets are tight for many couples and families these days. You don't have to go into debt to have a romantic anniversary.

You might splurge for one decadent treat that you both enjoy. Is it chocolate covered strawberries? A particular vintage or year bottle of wine? Maybe it's a high quality massage oil to be used together?

*Slow dance.
Even those with two "left" feet can hold a partner close and sway to soft and sultry music.

Whether it's in your own home or out at a club, listen together to music that lights you both up. Wrap your arms around each other and move to that music. Let the song carry you away together.

*Tell each other at least 3 things that turn you on.
Take some private time during your anniversary celebration to share with your partner what sparks passion and desire within you.

Is it the way that he strokes your arm or cheek? Is it a particular look that she gives you? Perhaps it's the curve of her back or the strength of his arms? Whatever turns you on, let your mate know.

*Create a relationship plan for your future.
We all make plans for the future-- it might be a financial plan or it could be a plan regarding your children's educations.

Sit down with your partner and a piece of paper and write down where you want to be together-- as a couple-- in 10 years, 5 years, 1 year or even
1 month.

Have fun with this. How will you two communicate with one another then? What will you have done together-- trips, workshops, other experiences?

Allow yourself to get excited about this future you can begin pointing toward today.

Stretch yourself and do something new this year for your wedding anniversary. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the passionate effects!


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