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Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

3 Ways to Ensure that Your Romantic Anniversary Surprise is FABULOUS!
By Susie and Otto Collins

Wedding anniversaries can be a wonderful time to re-ignite the spark and connection in your marriage.

You and your spouse can tap into those alive and excited feelings for one another that might have
played a part in bringing you together in the first place.

What better way to show your mate how much he or she means to you than with a special anniversary surprise!

This might include you whisking your partner off to a favorite fancy restaurant to a cozy candlelit table for two. It could mean that you invite all of your closest friends and family for a surprise party in honor of your love for your spouse.

Or it may involve you packing a bag for your mate and driving him or her up to a secluded cottage for
a passionate celebration with one another.

Well, let's wait a minute.

Many people shy away from trying to surprise their partner with some elaborate party or plan such as these because it can actually flop!

Some people simply don't like to be surprised. Your partner might be one of them.

Maybe your partner does like to be surprised and you would love to honor him or her in this way. But, you feel unsure of exactly what kind of a surprise your spouse would like.

You want this to be very special and are afraid your idea won't come off the way you want it to.

Here's our advice to you...

If you are excited and you want to surprise your partner on your wedding anniversary, we think you should give it a try.

When it comes to keeping the spark lit and passion burning red hot in your relationship, often those pleasant unexpected gestures can do wonders.

We do suggest that you plan a surprise that is well thought-out and one that takes into account what you and your mate both enjoy. This doesn't mean you have to spill the beans about those concert tickets you just bought.

It merely means that you need to think ahead and
think outside the box of your own preferences and perceptions.

#1 Be inspired
If you feel drawn to celebrate your marriage and your love for your mate and you decide to surprise him or her for your anniversary, by all means let yourself be inspired.

When you feel into yourself about this person with whom you share life and love, what specific activities or gifts come into your mind?

What do you love to do with your partner? Choose something that you might not have the opportunity to do very often. Don't worry about this activity or gift being "too simple" or "not expensive enough."

The point here is to start where you feel deep love and passion in regards to your relationship and then go with it.

Chances are, the excitement and depth of feeling will come through in your gift, gesture or plan and that is what will make the anniversary surprise positively memorable for both of you.

#2 Know your spouse
Once you have an idea of the surprise you'd like to do for (and with) your partner, take a step back and really consider whether this is something he or she would like and feel excited about as well.

Yes, that expensive diamond jewelry in the television ad might make the actress seem happy, but is that truly something your wife would appreciate or want?

You might need to revise your plans somewhat after thinking about what your partner tends to prefer.

At the same time, don't reject an idea simply because you think your partner would not like it.

For instance, it might be that he or she has also been wanting to try that new ethnic restaurant in town but just hasn't said anything about it.

If you live with a mate who claims to "hate" surprises, be sensitive to this. You might communicate to your partner that you are planning
something special for your upcoming anniversary.

You could request that he or she allow you to take care of the planning and arrangements.

But be willing to provide a certain amount of information-- such as the time frame involved, for example-- so that your partner can feel comfortable about the impending surprise while you still get to do the surprising.

#3 Celebrate the old in new ways
Especially if you've been together for awhile, you might be tempted to revisit nostalgic places that hold significance to you and your partner. This can be a great and connecting experience for you both.

You might plan a day trip to the college town where the two of you met and began dating. This can be fun and rejuvenating to passion in your relationship.

But it can also flop if the places have changed
and what you find in your old college town simply doesn't match up to your memories.

Allow room for flexibility in your plans.

Try not to be so attached to the way you remember things that you miss the whole point of the surprise in the first place-- that is to celebrate the love that you and your partner share for one another.


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